Our DJ’s

  • Corri
    USA Hi, I am DJ Corri.I began djing about 12 years ago in the virtual world of Second Life doing
  • Madness
    USA Hi, I am DJMadness. I am one of the Dj’s here at Outlaw Radio. I play a mix of
  • Kinky
    USA Hi, I am DJ Kinky. I am your newest Dj here at Outlaw Radio. I play a mix of
  • Chevyman
    USA Hi , I am DJ Chevyman from Saint louis MO. I like playing a mix of motown and classic
  • DarkAngel
    USA Hi, I am DJ DarkAngel. I have been dj’n online for 12 years now. I play a mix of
  • Merlin
    USA I have been djing for roughly 6 years now. I love country and rock music. As far as traditional
  • Phoenix
    USA Howdy, I’m DJ. Phoenix. I play everything from the 1950’s to very early 1990’s.Oldies, Older country,Classic country and Classic
  • Lady Luck
    USA Hello, I am DJ Lady Luck, and hopefully luck is on my side as I roll the dice on
  • Katia
    AUSTRALIA “Music has the power to bring people together like no other art form.” Streaming live to you will be
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