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About Us

Triple D German Shepherds is a family-owned, small kennel in caddo, oklahoma that raises German Shepherd Dogs as a family activity. The family behind Triple D German Shepherds are Dave, Debbie, and Destiny! Our kennel name came from the first letter of our first names. Our Dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club. Our priority is in our dogs, breeding this magnificent breed is a privilege and an honor. German Shepherd dog Breeding is not just a hobby for us, It is our "passion", a commitment of excellence, perfection to you and to our dogs, with knowledge, a dedication that start with the us (Triple D German Shepherds) and our superior German shepherd males and females. We strive to bring you the absolute "BEST" German shepherd puppies" ! We provide the best quality German Shepherd puppies. The German Shepherd Dog is the one of the most adopted and famous breed through-out the world, popular for its intelligence, obedient behavior, and guardian kind of instincts. They are children favorite and one of the best family dogs you could own.

We will have German Shepherd Dog puppies for sale once or twice a year. Our adult German Shepherd Dogs have been purchased from long-time breeders, ( a K9 breeder who breeds for local sheriff and police departments in Texas) where they have been selected for disposition, health and conformation as well as their eye appeal. We seek pet/family or loving show homes for our puppies where they will be spoiled and well cared for. We NEVER sell to brokers or pet stores! Our kennel is licensed by the state of Oklahoma.

We love our German Shepherd Dogs for the same reasons that have made them a Top 10 Dog for decades…their abundant love for people and gentleness with children. “These dogs are the ideal dog for any family, especially one with small children. German Shepherd Dogs are good with children of all ages.”Based on appointments, we welcome visitors and families to come and pick out their new family member at our home. Puppies are loved daily and closely monitored for health status. By weaning, they will typically have had all their scheduled veterinary procedures, first vaccination, multiple deworming’s, etc. Puppies will have veterinary health visits just prior to being old enough to leave our home at eight weeks old. We feed our dogs Pedigree dry dog food.

Most of the people who contact us and buy German Shepherd Dog puppies are looking for a German Shepherd Dog because they have had one before. That tells you something about the breed. There is no other testimonial better than the fact that people who have had a German Shepherd Dog want to continue having German Shepherd Dogs.