“Music has the power to bring people together like no other art form.”

Streaming live to you will be the classic hits from the 60ʼs, 70ʼs and beyond including the current Chart Stoppers of today – I PLAY IT ALL!

Australia and our neighbouring island of New Zealand has so much to offer the world with some highly respected and talented musicans, from both the present and the past. Introducing these artists is a regular feature on my shows and it will be my pleasure to share their amazing talents with you! Please join me for my scheduled shows and also for some random theme shows here on Outlaw Radio!


  1. Merlin

    Katia, I look forward to tuning into your shows. I have had the pleasure of hearing a few already and I think your a great Dj!

  2. Bernie Howard

    Looking forward to you exposing some Oz talent to the world !

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